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Specialized Hazmat Services offers superior customer service to all clients across Australia needing our Hazmat expertise. We perform all our tasks to assist project efficiency and provide compliant and safe Hazmat solutions. 

All our work is supported by methodology documentation and comprehensive reports to give our clients a thorough and transparent understanding of our services.

Dedicated Hazmat contracting company

Specialized Hazmat Services is a dedicated Hazmat contracting company with over 40 years of experience in the hazardous material industry. We pride ourselves on the high-quality services and products we offer our clients, delivering consistency in all the projects we undertake.

Specialized Hazmat Services believes our service to our clients is our strength. We understand the importance of implementing compliant Hazmat solutions that accurately align with our company’s ethical standards. We also value the significance of continuous support to meet our clients’ Hazmat requirements.

Hazardous Material - Hazmat

Hazmat stands for Hazardous Material, with the merging of the two words globally recognised, especially within the industry. A Hazardous Material is a material that poses a risk to human, animal and environmental health if exposure occurs.

Hazmat is considered a danger with many detrimental repercussions if mishandled. Understandably, Hazmat contractors like Specialized Hazmat Services require a high-risk licence to perform Hazmat services legally.

Compliant solution-based approach

Specialized Hazmat Services has a solution-based approach to all Hazmat projects we undertake. We seek proactive partnerships with businesses that require compliant Hazmat solutions and deliver results to the highest standards.

Specialized Hazmat Services operate within the hazardous material legislative parameters we must abide by. We recognise a digression in Hazmat safety standards within the industry and wish to expose the deficiencies of specific competitors by offering a comprehensive and compliant service like no other.

Experienced and qualified team

Specialized Hazmat Services has confidence in our performance due to the extensive Hazmat experience amongst our team. From the managerial level to workers in the field, our qualified staff as a collective can perform a myriad of hazardous material related applications and tasks.

Specialized Hazmat Services individually screens and selects its employees to ensure they encompass the abilities and knowledge to perform to our high standards. Our growth mentality has seen Hazmat labourers become directors, enhancing familiarity with roles and responsibilities throughout the SHS operation.

Broad Australia-wide network

Specialized Hazmat Services has an extensive Australia-wide network of hazardous material industry professionals, independent contractors & experienced consultants to fulfil all Hazmat objectives required by our clients. 

Specialized Hazmat Services believe our strength lies in technical and conscious actions within all Australian locations where our minimum impact methods are required. We will identify the hazardous material, assess its potential risk, implement the safest practices and deliver the optimum results for your project.

Enhancing safety standards

Specialized Hazmat Services aims to enhance the Hazmat industry’s safety standards to ensure optimum results for the health of people, animals and the environment. We also believe our actions represent the clients for whom we perform Hazmat services.

Specialized Hazmat Services too often witness Hazmat competition operating in a reckless and non-professional manner. We hope to remove this false sense of security by exposing substandard practices whilst leading by example and promoting safe and compliant methodology.

Demolition and deconstruction support

Specialized Hazmat Services is often required to supply demolition and deconstruction support on many Australian projects and worksites that include Hazmat scopes. When our demolition and deconstruction support is needed, we tailor Hazmat solutions for each job for safe and compliant outcomes.

Specialized Hazmat Services has extensive experience within the demolition and deconstruction fields, giving us the confidence to offer high-quality service to our clients. We have worked on projects of all sizes all around the nation, in the residential, commercial, mining, defence and education sectors.

Comprehensive equipment inventory

At Specialized Hazmat Services, we maintain and operate a comprehensive inventory of specialist Hazmat equipment. All of our Hazmat equipment is professionally and routinely maintained for dependable operation at peak efficiency. 

Specialized Hazmat Services compiles all testing certificates and examination results, including Dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) testing of all our HEPA and ULPA equipment to warrant quality. We also offer field technician assistance, with call-out support, throughout the hire period.

Hazmat services and remediation

Specialized Hazmat Services offers complete and accountable Hazmat services to all clients around Australia requiring our professional assistance. Our removal, abatement and control services aim to reduce and eliminate harmful hazardous risk, while our remediation strives to address, rectify and prevent detrimental environmental and health consequences.  

Specialized Hazmat Services holds the highest level of licensing required for Hazmat remediation. The high-risk licence reinforces our Hazmat competency and qualification and enables us to perform hazardous material work legally.

Contact Specialized Hazmat Service for Hazmat consultations

Specialized Hazmat Services offer free Hazmat consultation and quotes to all Australian companies requiring Hazmat solutions. We follow the initial steps with a site meeting to further detail our tailored approach and address any client concerns.

Once accepting the quote, Specialized Hazmat Services will provide our client with specific methodology documentation and other associated and required paperwork.

Call or email Specialized Hazmat Services today for a Hazmat consultation or book a hazardous material site inspection.

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