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Specialised Hazmat Services is a dedicated Hazmat contracting company that offers a comprehensive service Australia-wide. Specialized Hazmat Services performs all Hazmat work following state and territory legislative requirements and pride ourselves in the service and products we provide our clients.

Some hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods are commonly used, such as house paint, antiseptic and cleaning products. In contrast, others like ammonium nitrate, anhydrous ammonia and flammable refrigerants are far more specific and dangerous.

No matter the type or use of a hazardous chemical and dangerous good, it can still be very harmful if not used, handled or stored correctly.

For this reason, employers have a legal responsibility to ensure safe work practices, adequate storage and employee training is performed across their worksite.

Meet the owners

Tim Lowery

Tim Lowery

Managing Partner

Sam Tait

Sam Tait

Director of Operations

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Specialized Hazmat Services offers a free Hazmat consultation and quote to all Australian companies requiring Hazmat solutions. 

We acknowledge the importance of delivering a compliant and professional service to our clients, and the Specialized Hazmat Services as a whole will strive to do so.

Whatever your Hazmat needs, please contact Specialized Hazmat Services for a free Hazmat consultation and quote today.

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