Demolition & Deconstruction

Specialised Hazmat Services is a Hazmat contracting company that can carry out all hazardous material tasks during demolition and deconstruction. Our expertise and licencing allow us to competently and legally perform our work Australia-wide.

Specialised Hazmat Services recognises that no demolition and deconstruction is the same and that we need to implement quality hazardous material management in all our projects. We have experience in demolition and deconstruction across residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Specialized Hazmat Services uses demolition and deconstruction methods to ensure we meet all legislative and industry Codes of Practice requirements. Our work is performed with health and safety protocols in mind while delivering projects on time and within budget.

Comprehensive asbestos removal service

Specialized Hazmat Services provides a comprehensive asbestos removal service to customers Australia-wide to ensure they have a safe environment at the completion of our work. 

We can also help manage any asbestos work on behalf of builders and property owners, complying with the compulsory state and territory legislation and Codes of Practices.

Demolition and Deconstruction with asbestos present

Asbestos is widespread in buildings built prior to 1990 throughout Australia. The highly toxic hazardous material can cause acute and chronic harm to anyone exposed to disturbed asbestos. Furthermore, it can harm animals and the environment, reinforcing the need for professional handling, removal and disposal in demolition and deconstruction projects.

Specialized Hazmat Services perform safe and lawful asbestos removal on all demolition and deconstructions projects Australia wide. We are trained and qualified with nationally recognised certification and closely follow all state and territory legislative requirements. 

When you utilise the services of Specialized Hazmat Services during your demolition and deconstruction projects, you receive high quality and high compliant service and the peace of mind that all asbestos concerns will be competently resolved.

Building Deconstruction

Building deconstruction takes a team of qualified and skilled personnel that have an understanding of potential hazards present. Our team as a collective has the ingredients to produce the necessary paperwork such as risk assessment, create a plan that follows safe work practices and provide professional customer service.

We implement systems to ensure we can safely and efficiently take down a building in an organised method.

Supporting Demolition and Deconstruction Australia-wide

Specialized Hazmat Services provides demolition and deconstruction services to support projects Australia-wide that has a Hazmat work scope. We possess extensive experience within the demolition and deconstruction fields, allowing us to work on residential, commercial, and industrial fields.

Specialized Hazmat Services can undertake all demolition and deconstruction projects, no matter the size. Whether it is a small deconstruction project like a shed takedown or large scale demolition of a commercial office block, we can complete the tasks for you. 

When our demolition and deconstruction support is required, we tailor Hazmat solutions for each job for safe and compliant outcomes for our clients. Contact us today for further demolition and deconstruction information.

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