Hazardous Materials Management

Specialised Hazmat Services provides Hazardous Material Management services Australia-wide that meet all legislative requirements and our clients’ expectations. We understand the importance of managing Hazmat safety on behalf of our clients and offer competitive prices to ensure they can afford the best service to solve their Hazmat needs.

Our Hazardous Material Management is a complete service from initial surveying to lawful Hazmat disposal and clean-up. We perform all tasks following the Code of Practice, state and territory legislation requirements and OH&S protocols to minimise hazardous material risks and exposure.

Specialised Hazmat Services does not underestimate our responsibilities to our clients, nearby occupants, and the general public while also understanding our obligations to prevent harmful environmental contamination. Developing a comprehensive and detailed Hazardous Material Management plan is vital to ensure competent hazardous material practices and a safe work environment.

Hazardous Materials Survey

Hazardous Materials are commonly found in and around buildings in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Furthermore, hazardous materials can pose a danger to people and animals and are detrimental to the environment. For this reason, it is essential to undertake hazardous material surveys to investigate, identify and assess all Hazmat present.

Specialized Hazmat Services undertakes professional hazardous material surveys to ensure all potential risks are considered and use this crucial information as a part of the hazardous material management plan.

Demolition and Deconstruction

Before, during and on completion of demolition and deconstruction, a Hazardous Material Management plan must be created and followed. As hazardous materials are often present in building materials, hazardous material management helps identify, remove, and dispose of these hazardous materials safely

Specialized Hazmat Services has in-depth demolition and deconstruction experience to know what hazardous materials to look out for and implements tailored hazardous material management solutions for each project to eliminate the risk of Hazmats to workers, nearby occupants and the general public.

Hazardous Material Removal

Many hazardous materials on a worksite need to be removed as part of the work scope and can be dangerous if removed incorrectly. Hazmats like Synthetic Material Fibres (SMF), Lead and Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) need to be handled and removed with extreme care and by qualified personnel. 

Hazardous material removal is a large part of Specialized Hazmat Services’ Hazardous Material Management. With our combined 40 years of experience, we have the confidence to do it safely and competently. 

Specialized Hazmat Service performs all Hazmat removal with extreme care and diligence to deliver safe and effective results. We take full responsibility for our removal performance and are dedicated to providing the best hazardous waste removal service in Australia.

Asbestos Management

With a fully trained and qualified team from managerial to labourer level, Specialized Hazmat Services specialises in asbestos removal and disposal. We can identify friable and non-friable asbestos and implement removal strategies as a part of our hazardous material management.

Specialized Hazmat Services experience and licencing allow us to remove asbestos throughout Australia’s wide range of industries where harmful hazardous material is present. Our asbestos management practices are consistent with legislative requirements and our ethical standards.

Whether you require asbestos fencing or roofing to be removed and disposed of during demolition or need surfaces containing asbestos to be stripped in a restoration, Specialised Hazmat Services can provide the best asbestos management results for you.

Hazmat Remediation

Specialized Hazmat Services provides accurate and responsible hazardous material remediation to all customers throughout Australia, requiring our professional assistance. We include removal, reduction and control as a part of our remediation management services, leading to prosperous hazardous material remediation objectives. 

Specialized Hazmat Services strives to reduce and eliminate harmful hazardous material risks to the environment by addressing, rectifying and preventing detrimental environmental damages. We hold the highest level of licensing required for Hazmat remediation, allowing us to apply all forms of remediation into our hazardous material management plan. 

Along with our complete remediation licencing, we possess the hazardous material competency, qualifications and confidence to guarantee we carry out hazardous material work effectively and efficiently.

Hazardous Waste Management

Specialized Hazmat Services prioritises hazardous waste management as a part of its comprehensive hazardous material management. We plan and provide complete hazardous waste management solutions for clients across residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Hazmat Bags
Bagged Hazmat Waste
Asbestos Removal

Specialized Hazmat Services focuses on safe hazardous material collection, recycling and disposal. We have the qualifications and experience to work with solids, liquids and gases and understand the potential risk of all hazardous materials we work with.

Our clients will receive high quality and high compliance hazardous waste management service from initial consultation until job completion. Throughout the process, we will continue following our hazardous waste management plan precisely.

Specialized Hazmat Services strives to provide professional, compliant and competent services that meet our client’s requirements and expectations.

Specialized Hazmat Services providing professional hazardous material management Australia-wide

Specialized Hazmat Services provides professional Hazardous Material Management to all Australian companies needing our professional services. Our hazardous material management is extensive, focusing on surveying, demolition, deconstruction, removal, asbestos management, remediation and waste management.

Call or email Specialized Hazmat Services today for hazardous material management queries or book a hazardous material site inspection to begin the management process.

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