Hazmat Remediation

Hazardous Materials are commonly found in everyday workplaces and residential buildings and are potentially dangerous to the environment if not installed, managed or removed correctly.

Specialised Hazmat Services offers Hazmat remediation Australia-wide. We perform remediations by identifying hazardous materials, assessing their environmental risk, developing a hazardous material management plan and undertaking Hazmat remediation work.

All Hazmat remediation that Specialised Hazmat Services perform is per the relevant state and territory regulations, Code of Practices and legislative requirements.

Hazmat services and remediation

Specialized Hazmat Services provides extensive and accountable Hazmat remediation to all clients around Australia requiring our professional assistance. Our removal, abatement, control and management services are a part of our overall Hazmat remediation goal. 

We aim to reduce and eliminate harmful hazardous risks to the environment, striving to address, rectify and prevent detrimental environmental and health consequences.  

Specialized Hazmat Services holds the highest level of licensing required for Hazmat remediation, and our Hazmat competency and qualification ensure we perform hazardous material work effectively and efficiently.

Specialized Hazmat Services holds the highest level of licensing required for Hazmat remediation. The high-risk licence reinforces our Hazmat competency and qualification and enables us to perform hazardous material work legally.

Hazmat remediation services include:

Soil remediation
Groundwater remediation
Site investigations
Ecological risk assessments
Sampling analysis
Remediation action plans
Site validations
Environmental assessments
Soil management
Human health risk assessments
Accountable construction management
Asbestos in soils assessments

What is Hazmat?

Hazmat is the globally recognised abbreviation for Hazardous Materials. Hazmat is considered dangerous, with many detrimental repercussions, if mishandled or misused and can pose a severe risk if exposure occurs.

Specialized Hazmat Services has the high-risk licences to perform Hazmat services competently and to legislative requirements.

Asbestos Remediation

Asbestos is one of the most common soil and land contamination offenders due to the heavy use of the hazardous material over many years. Through decades of asbestos installation within the construction industry, followed by more recent building demolition, asbestos dust and particles have entered and remained in the land, causing alarming soil contamination levels.

We now know the extent of harm asbestos can cause, and the long term effect of asbestos building materials are being felt, especially environmentally. For this reason, the management of asbestos-contaminated soil requires expert knowledge and a thorough understanding of environmental regulations. 

Effective asbestos remediation requires specialised training, equipment and methodology that Specialized Hazmat Services adequately renders, allowing us to reduce the health risk and environmental damage caused by asbestos particles. 

Contact Specialized Hazmat Services for Hazmat Remediation Solutions

Specialized Hazmat Services strives to achieve the optimum Hazmat remediation results by addressing all land management issues and potential soil contaminations. We will assess the soil and the surrounding environment required of us, identifying the current effects and long term risks. 

We don’t shy away from responsibility and believe we can develop high-quality, cost-effective and super-efficient remediation solutions for all our Australia-wide clients. 

Specialized Hazmat Services provide free consultation and quotes on all Hazmat remediation, passing on our expertise for the best remediation solutions. Call or email us today for a free consultation and to book a site inspection.

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