Asbestos Removal

Specialized Hazmat Services offers licensed asbestos removal to ensure the potentially harmful material is removed safely and effectively. Asbestos has a known high-risk composition, and it is illegal to remove and dispose of without following legislative processes.

Asbestos material is particularly harmful when disturbed, meaning the removal process is extremely hazardous and requires professional experience to remove to minimise the risk.

Specialized Hazmat Services has the expertise and know-how to identify, remove and dispose of all asbestos material in residential, commercial and industrial settings without compromising the safety of workers, occupants and the general public.

Comprehensive asbestos removal service

Specialized Hazmat Services provides a comprehensive asbestos removal service to customers Australia-wide to ensure they have a safe environment at the completion of our work. 

We can also help manage any asbestos work on behalf of builders and property owners, complying with the compulsory state and territory legislation and Codes of Practices.

Asbestos Consultancy

As a part of our asbestos consultancy, we survey the building and its surroundings to identify all asbestos material installed. Our survey is followed by transparent discussions with our client of asbestos removal benefits and the safe removal processes. 

Asbestos Testing

Specialized Hazmat Services will sample all material we suspect to be asbestos and send it for laboratory analysis. The sampling, labelling and transportation of all asbestos material is performed by competent personnel in accordance with the Code of Practices. 

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal will be done professionally and to industry standards to prevent harmful exposure and environmental damage. Our skilled asbestos removalists have the experience across many industry settings to understand the methodology to carry out asbestos removal competently and efficiently.

Asbestos Disposal

Specialized Hazmat Services dispose of all collected asbestos material following disposal protocols and legislative requirements. We hold licensing to remove and dispose of both friable and non-friable asbestos and always undertake the safest disposal practices.

Asbestos Remediation

We provide various asbestos remediation services to return the environment and grounding to the best form possible with the purpose of regrowth and rehabilitation.

Friable Asbestos

Friable asbestos is a softer material that is more likely to release harmful levels of asbestos when disturbed. It can easily crumble and become powder-like under stress allowing it to become airborne and pose a more significant risk.

Non-Friable Asbestos

Non-friable asbestos is more solid and is less likely to break down, meaning a lower risk of harmful airborne asbestos levels. Non-friable asbestos is often mixed with a building compound to help with material sturdiness.

Free Asbestos Removal Consultations and Quotes

Specialized Hazmat Service provides free consultation and quotes for asbestos removal Australia-wide. Call or email us today to discuss your asbestos removal needs.

Once accepting the quote, Specialized Hazmat Services will provide our client with specific methodology documentation and other associated and required paperwork.

Call or email Specialized Hazmat Services today for a Hazmat consultation or book a hazardous material site inspection.

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