Asbestos Awareness Training

Asbestos material is commonly found in the workplace and homes Australia-wide, and theoretically, if left untouched, the risk of asbestos is relatively low. However, the risk of asbestos being disturbed will always be there, and if workers are unfamiliar with the material and the harm it can cause, unsafe practices can occur.

Specialized Hazmat Services believes it is essential to understand asbestos, where it is used and how it is hazardous to your health before beginning a project where asbestos may be present. 

Our Asbestos Awareness Training covers asbestos materials in detail. It is perfect for managers, builders and supervisors to ensure safe work practices in their projects and workers that potentially may come into contact with it.

Asbestos Awareness Training

Specialized Hazmat Services delivers Asbestos Awareness training hoping it will benefit safe hazardous material work practice across Australia. Our training is nationally recognised and is performed by experienced and qualified trainers. 

We teach our trainees a wide range of skills to adequately investigate worksites and identify potential asbestos materials to developing asbestos registers and implementing strategies to minimise exposure.

Our Asbestos Awareness training also covers occupational health and safety, legislative requirements aligned to the state or territory and the Hazmat Codes of Practices. 

Specialized Hazmat Services aims to encourage safer workplace practices by providing our trainees with improved asbestos knowledge and skills.

Contact us for Asbestos Awareness Training today

Specialized Hazmat Services can deliver asbestos awareness training Australia-wide. We discuss training options with our clients with the ability to perform courses in a training room or on-site environment.

Please contact Specialized Hazmat Services today to discuss your training requirements, and we will do our best to facilitate them. 

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