Asbestos Supervisor Training

The role of a supervisor is to ensure all work is performed safely and efficiently, and this is no different to an Asbestos Supervisor, except the job involves a particular hazardous material.

An Asbestos Supervisor is responsible for ensuring all work performed per the state or territory legislative requirements and to the Codes of Practice while ensuring all supporting documentation is accurate and safe work practices are performed.

Specialized Hazmat Services extensive Asbestos Supervisor Training provides trainees with the knowledge, skills and confidence to oversee all asbestos works and to implement the best asbestos solutions for their workers. 

The harmful effects of asbestos

Asbestos material is commonly found on worksites Australia-wide, and if left untouched, the risk of asbestos is low. However, the risk of asbestos being disturbed will always be there, and if workers are unfamiliar with the material, unsafe practices can occur.

When disturbed and particles become airborne and inhaled, Asbestos or asbestos-containing material can have serious health consequences for people, animals and the environment. 

Asbestos materials were used in residential and commercial building materials for over 50 years, and it wasn’t until recently that the harmful effects of asbestos materials were recognised. 

Therefore, a supervisor must have the knowledge and skills to identify, test and remove any asbestos material safely and within legislative standards.

Asbestos Supervisor Training

Specialized Hazmat Services delivers Asbestos Supervisor training hoping it will benefit safe hazardous material work practice across Australia. Our training is nationally recognised and is performed by experienced and qualified trainers. 

We teach our trainees various supervisor skills to adequately investigate worksites and identify potential asbestos materials to develop asbestos registers and implement strategies to minimise exposure.

Our Asbestos Supervisor training covers the supervisor’s responsibilities as per occupational health and safety protocols, legislative requirements and the Hazmat Codes of Practices.

Specialized Hazmat Services strives to encourage safe workplace practices by providing improved asbestos knowledge and skills for asbestos supervisors to utilise in the field.

Contact us for Asbestos Supervisor Training today

Specialized Hazmat Services can deliver asbestos supervisor training Australia-wide with the ability to perform courses in a training room or on-site. We aim to add qualified and competent supervisors to the Hazmat industry to enhance safe Hazmat practices.

Please contact Specialized Hazmat Services today to discuss your training requirements, and we will do our best to facilitate them. 

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