Remove Friable Asbestos Training

Friable asbestos is a brittle material and is considered more hazardous than non-friable asbestos. Friable asbestos can be easily crumbled or reduced to powder with minimal pressure and by hand.

All personnel removing friable asbestos must be trained to minimise the safety risk friable asbestos can cause.

Why is Friable Asbestos Removal training important?

Friable asbestos is a highly toxic and hazardous material that can be highly harmful to humans, animals and the environment. While the use of friable asbestos and asbestos-containing material (ACM) is now prohibited, there is a constant need to safely dispose of the hazardous material. 

Friable asbestos removal is often due to property owners wanting to change friable asbestos material for something less harmful during demolition or renovation projects. 

Specialized Hazmat Services Remove Friable Asbestos training is designed to pass on our expertise to our trainees and participants. They will learn the essential skills and knowledge required to remove friable asbestos, asbestos-containing material (ACM) and asbestos-containing dust/debris (ACD). 

The legal requirement of Friable Asbestos removal

When friable asbestos materials are present or suspected of being present, only trained and qualified personnel have the authority to identify, manage or remove them. Specialized Hazmat Services friable asbestos training ensures it will be done safely and competently, minimizing the chances of harm.

Friable asbestos removal must be completed under relevant state and territory legislative requirements and Codes of Practice.

Specialized Hazmat Services training is nationally recognised and is a legal requirement for workers who need to remove friable asbestos.

Nationally recognised Remove Friable Asbestos training

Specialized Hazmat Services nationally recognised Remove Friable Asbestos training is designed for a worker required to manage or remove friable asbestos and asbestos-containing material (ACM) in Australia. 

Our course includes preparing, enclosing and removing friable asbestos and the practice of decontamination and disposal requirements. 

The training is performed by experienced and qualified instructors and involves theory and practical scenarios relevant to your work site. 

  • Legislative and licensing requirements and compliance
  • Understanding the hazards of asbestos and its health effects
  • Planning and preparing for friable asbestos removal
  • Friable asbestos risk assessment, registers and management plans
  • Friable asbestos enclosure setup, testing and removal practices
  • Performing friable asbestos removal
  • Friable asbestos decontamination of workers, plant and equipment
  • Correct and legal friable asbestos disposal techniques
  • Worksite clean up

Contact us for Remove Friable Asbestos Training

Specialized Hazmat Services can deliver Remove Friable Asbestos training Australia-wide. We will discuss training options with our clients and have the ability to perform courses in a training room or on-site environment.

Please contact Specialized Hazmat Services to discuss your training requirements, and we will do our best to facilitate them.

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