Specialist Hazmat Consultancy

With the ever-present hazardous material through Australian homes and workplaces, it is vital that individuals and businesses responsible for the hazardous materials have the best advice and support. Not only are hazardous materials challenging to identify and differentiate, understanding the risks and harm of the hazardous material is also important.

Specialized Hazmat Services has the invaluable Hazmat industry experience to give our customers hazardous material consultations to develop optimum Hazmat solutions. By discussing the Hazmat and projects requirements and a thorough site survey, we can compile the information we need and provide our customers with the answers they require.

Specialized Hazmat Services aims to enhance the Hazmat industry’s safety standards and provide Hazmat consultancy to emulate this. We prioritise the health and safety of workers, building occupants and the general public whilst also aiming to prevent detrimental effects to the environment.

We offer a free consultation to all Australian businesses and guarantee all our suggested methods and practices are to legislative requirements and the necessary Codes of Practices.

Providing Hazmat Consultancy across Australia

Specialized Hazmat Services offers professional Hazmat consultancy to all property owners and businesses across Australia. We work with industry professionals, independent contractors & experienced consultants to create hazardous material solutions for our clients. 

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Specialized Hazmat Services believes customer service to our clients in the harmonised states of Australia, which we provide our Hazmat services, is our strength. Transparent and honest conversations are a part of our consultancy service as we believe we have a  responsibility to act on our client’s behalf to provide a safe working environment and surroundings.

During our Hazmat consultancy, we will identify the hazardous material, assess its potential risk and recommend the safest practices and solutions. If agreed to, we can carry out Hazmat tasks to deliver the optimum results for projects Australia-wide.

Experienced and Qualified Consultants

The Specialized Hazmat Services team has Hazmat industry experience of over 40 years to deliver a professional and trustworthy Hazmat consultancy service. We pride ourselves on compliant and high-quality consultancy that we offer our clients free of charge while providing solid and accurate advice.

Our hazardous material consultants have expertise in various Hazmat roles, which allows them a holistic understanding of the potential Hazmat risk and the best practices to implement. 

When paired with extensive training and qualifications across a wide range of hazardous material topics, Specialized Hazmat Services has the confidence to offer the best Hazmat consultancy service in Australia.

Contact Specialized Hazmat Service for free Hazmat consultancy

Specialized Hazmat Services offer free Hazmat consultancy to all Australian companies requiring expert advice and optimum Hazmat solutions. We believe all Hazmat tasks are unique and need a tailored approach for the best and safest results, and our consultancy delivers that to our clients. 

Specialized Hazmat Services will also provide our client with an informative consultancy report and other associated paperwork at the completion of consultancy. If our clients would like us to act on their behalf to perform hazardous material tasks, supply qualified labour or supply dependable equipment; we will happily support them.

Call or email Specialized Hazmat Services today for a free Hazmat consultancy or schedule a hazardous material site inspection.

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