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We satisfaction ourselves on the high-quality and also high-compliant solutions we supply our customers. We comprehend the value of carrying out compliant Hazmat options that properly line up with our business’s ethical requirements. We are proud to use our solutions to building proprietors as well as little businesses right with to the most tough tasks Australia’s largest firms have to provide.


Networking across Australia


Specialized Hazmat Services believes our consumer solution to all customers across Australia needing our Hazmat knowledge is our strength.


States and territories within Australia we provide our services:

Experienced and qualified team

Specialized Hazmat Services has self-confidence in our efficiency because of the thorough Hazmat experience within our team. Our professional Hazmat personnel are trained and fully licensed, providing us a multi-skilled workforce to provide professional Hazmat solutions..


From the supervisory level to employees in the field, our certified team as a collective can do a myriad of unsafe material related applications as well as jobs.

Specialized Hazmat Services independently meetings and chooses its employees to guarantee they have the Hazmat capabilities and also understanding to perform to the high requirements we satisfaction ourselves on.


We desire to give all our staff members the possibilities and sources to create their occupations. Specialized Hazmat Services has actually seen Hazmat labourers become supervisors, reinforcing experience with duties and also duties throughout the SHS operation.

Hazardous Materials



Hazmat remediation services


Specialized Hazmat Services Dalby offers liable and professional Hazmat remediation solutions Australia-wide to customers requiring our help. Our elimination, control, reduction and administration solutions are essential components of our general Hazmat remediation desires.

Specialized Hazmat Services aim to minimize as well as eliminate damaging hazardous risks to the setting as well as address, remedy and also stop additional unfavorable ecological as well as wellness consequences. We hold the highest degree of licensing needed for Hazmat remediation, and also our Hazmat proficiency and certification ensure we perform unsafe product work safely.


Hazmat labour supply


{Specialized Hazmat Services gives specialist as well as proficient Hazmat experts and contractors to our customers throughout Australia. If you require Supervisors, Technicians and Labourers, Specialized Hazmat Services Specialized Hazmat Services {if you call for Supervisors, Technicians as well as Labourers} location can support your Hazmat labour requirements.

Specialized Hazmat Services’ supplied work are educated as well as qualified to carry out harmful material jobs to the needed state and also territory standards and legislative demands.

We additionally offer Hazmat Labour with qualifications to sustain our client’s performance, such as confined spaces certification and hefty equipment and plant licencing.


Hazmat Consultation

This enables us to produce site-specific work scopes for our customers, laying out the Hazmat solutions and objectives.

Documentation Approval


Once a contract in between Specialized Hazmat Services Dalby and also our customer is set, we can start paperwork. We authorize and also settle documents, submit permits for authorization and also cast tentative begin dates and organizing plans.

If any type of variants to the job range occur, we will certainly interact these at the time of engagement.


Four Stages of our Hazmat services

Commence Hazmat Task



Final Job Handover

At the conclusion of job, website inspections will be carried out to make certain all agreed-upon work is full to a expert and high-grade standard.

If the project calls for any additional known documents, such as a Certificate of Clearance and laboratory analysis, we will offer this to the customer.

At the completion of work, site inspections will be performed to ensure all agreed-upon work is complete to a high-quality and professional standard. 

If the project requires any additional known documentation, such as a Certificate of Clearance and laboratory analysis, we will provide this to the client.

Contact Specialized Hazmat Service for free Hazmat consultations

Specialized Hazmat Services offers totally free Hazmat appointment and prices estimate to all Australian business needing Hazmat solutions. Email or call Specialized Hazmat Services Dalby today for a Hazmat assessment or publication a hazardous material website examination.

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