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Specialized Hazmat Services Gatton is a Hazmat contracting company offering hazardous product solutions Australia-wide. We pride ourselves on the high-compliant and top quality solutions we provide our customers. Our years of experience in the hazardous material industry enables us to deliver consistency in all the tasks we embark on.

We comprehend the relevance of carrying out compliant Hazmat services that precisely line up with our company’s ethical criteria. Furthermore, we value the significance of continuous consumer assistance to provide maximum Hazmat outcomes.

We are pleased to provide our solutions to homeowner as well as small companies throughout to one of the most tough work Australia’s biggest companies need to supply. All our job is supported by documents, testing and records to provide our clients a complete and clear understanding of our services.


Networking across Australia


Specialized Hazmat Services thinks our customer solution to all customers throughout Australia requiring our Hazmat knowledge is our strength.


States and territories within Australia we provide our services:

Experienced and qualified team

Specialized Hazmat Services has self-confidence in our efficiency as a result of the detailed Hazmat experience within our team. Our specialist Hazmat staff are educated and also totally certified, giving us a multi-skilled labor force to offer specialist Hazmat services..


From the managerial level to employees in the field, our certified staff as a cumulative can carry out a myriad of harmful material related applications and also jobs.

Specialized Hazmat Services separately meetings and picks its employees to guarantee they have the Hazmat capabilities and expertise to carry out to the high criteria we pride ourselves on.


We wish to provide all our workers the possibilities and sources to establish their jobs. Specialized Hazmat Services has actually seen Hazmat labourers become directors, reinforcing experience with roles as well as responsibilities throughout the SHS procedure.

Hazardous Materials


Hazardous Materials prevail in day-to-day work environments and residences. They are potentially hazardous to individuals, pets, residential or commercial property as well as the setting if they are not utilized, taken care of, saved or dealt with correctly.

Specialized Hazmat Services Gatton supplies comprehensive unsafe material solutions to homeowner and facility supervisors Australia-wide that satisfy state as well as region legal needs. Our solution includes totally free examination as well as quotes, threat assessments, harmful material administration plans and also Hazmat remediation.


Hazmat remediation services


Specialized Hazmat Services Gatton offers specialist and also answerable Hazmat remediation solutions Australia-wide to clients needing our help. Our removal, administration, control and also abatement solutions are integral components of our total Hazmat remediation aspirations.

Specialized Hazmat Services aim to decrease and remove damaging hazardous threats to the atmosphere as well as address, rectify and stop additional unfavorable ecological and health and wellness consequences. We hold the highest degree of licensing required for Hazmat removal, and also our Hazmat competency and credentials guarantee we perform dangerous material job securely.


Hazmat labour supply


{Specialized Hazmat Services gives experienced and professional Hazmat service providers and experts to our clients across Australia. If you need Supervisors, Technicians as well as Labourers, Specialized Hazmat Services Specialized Hazmat Services {if you call for Supervisors, Technicians and Labourers} location can support your Hazmat labour requirements.

Specialized Hazmat Services’ supplied work are educated as well as qualified to perform harmful product tasks to the required state and also region requirements and also legislative needs.

We additionally supply Hazmat Labour with certifications to sustain our customer’s productivity, such as constrained rooms qualification and also hefty machinery as well as plant licencing.


Hazmat Consultation

This permits us to create site-specific job scopes for our clients, laying out the Hazmat solutions and also goals.

Documentation Approval


Once a contract in between Specialized Hazmat Services Gatton as well as our client is concurred upon, we can start documents. We settle and authorize paperwork, submit authorizations for authorization and also cast tentative beginning dates and scheduling plans.

If any kind of variations to the work range take place, we will interact these at the time of involvement.


Four Stages of our Hazmat services

Commence Hazmat Task



Final Job Handover

At the conclusion of work, site evaluations will certainly be performed to make sure all agreed-upon work is total to a high-quality and also specialist standard.

If the job needs any kind of added recognized paperwork, such as a Certificate of Clearance and lab analysis, we will provide this to the customer.

At the completion of work, site inspections will be performed to ensure all agreed-upon work is complete to a high-quality and professional standard. 

If the project requires any additional known documentation, such as a Certificate of Clearance and laboratory analysis, we will provide this to the client.

Contact Specialized Hazmat Service for free Hazmat consultations

Specialized Hazmat Services offers free Hazmat appointment and also prices estimate to all Australian business calling for Hazmat services. Call or email Specialized Hazmat Services Gatton today for a Hazmat appointment or book an unsafe product website assessment.

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