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Specialized Hazmat Services Raymond Terrace is a Hazmat contracting firm providing hazardous product solutions Australia-wide. We pride ourselves on the high-compliant as well as top notch solutions we provide our clients. Our years of experience in the harmful product industry permits us to supply uniformity in all the tasks we carry out.

We recognize the significance of carrying out certified Hazmat solutions that accurately align with our firm’s ethical criteria. Furthermore, we value the value of continuous client support to give optimal Hazmat outcomes.

We are honored to use our solutions to homeowner as well as small companies right with to the most challenging jobs Australia’s biggest companies have to use. All our job is supported by paperwork, testing and reports to offer our customers a clear and complete understanding of our services.


Networking across Australia


Specialized Hazmat Services believes our consumer service to all clients across Australia requiring our Hazmat know-how is our strength.


States and territories within Australia we provide our services:

Experienced and qualified team

Specialized Hazmat Services believes in our performance as a result of the detailed Hazmat experience within our team. Our specialist Hazmat team are educated and also completely licensed, providing us a multi-skilled workforce to provide professional Hazmat solutions..


From the supervisory level to workers in the area, our qualified team as a collective can carry out a myriad of harmful product relevant applications and also jobs.

Specialized Hazmat Services separately interviews as well as selects its staff members to guarantee they have the Hazmat capacities and also knowledge to execute to the high criteria we pride ourselves on.


We want to give all our employees the possibilities and also sources to develop their jobs. Specialized Hazmat Services has seen Hazmat labourers come to be supervisors, strengthening knowledge with roles as well as duties throughout the SHS operation.

Hazardous Materials


Hazardous Materials prevail in daily work environments and homes. They are possibly unsafe to people, animals, building and also the setting if they are not utilized, managed, kept or disposed of appropriately.

Specialized Hazmat Services Raymond Terrace gives extensive harmful material services to residential or commercial property proprietors and facility supervisors Australia-wide that fulfill state and region legislative needs. Our solution includes complimentary appointment and quotes, risk assessments, dangerous material management strategies and also Hazmat removal.


Hazmat remediation services


Specialized Hazmat Services Raymond Terrace offers professional and also answerable Hazmat remediation solutions Australia-wide to clients needing our support. Our elimination, reduction, control and management solutions are integral components of our overall Hazmat removal aspirations.

Specialized Hazmat Services make every effort to reduce and get rid of dangerous hazardous dangers to the setting as well as address, correct and avoid more adverse ecological as well as health and wellness repercussions. We hold the highest possible degree of licensing needed for Hazmat removal, as well as our Hazmat competency and also credentials ensure we execute hazardous product job securely.


Hazmat labour supply


{Specialized Hazmat Services provides competent and also expert Hazmat professionals and also experts to our customers throughout Australia. If you call for Supervisors, Technicians and also Labourers, Specialized Hazmat Services can support your Hazmat labour demands.

Specialized Hazmat Services’ supplied work are trained as well as qualified to execute dangerous product jobs to the required state and region standards and legal requirements.

We additionally provide Hazmat Labour with certifications to sustain our customer’s performance, such as restricted areas certification as well as heavy machinery and also plant licencing.


Hazmat Consultation

Specialized Hazmat Services Raymond Terrace undertakes site visits, unsafe material identification, research laboratory analysis and Hazmat danger analyses as a part of its complimentary examination service. This permits us to create site-specific work ranges for our clients, outlining the Hazmat objectives as well as services.

Documentation Approval


Once a contract in between Specialized Hazmat Services Raymond Terrace and our customer is set, we can commence paperwork. We finalise as well as authorize documentation, send authorizations for authorization and also cast tentative start dates and organizing strategies.

If any kind of variants to the work scope happen, we will interact these at the time of interaction.


Four Stages of our Hazmat services

Commence Hazmat Task



Final Job Handover

At the completion of work, website assessments will be done to make certain all agreed-upon job is complete to a expert as well as top notch criterion.

If the project calls for any additional known paperwork, such as a Certificate of Clearance as well as laboratory evaluation, we will offer this to the customer.

At the completion of work, site inspections will be performed to ensure all agreed-upon work is complete to a high-quality and professional standard. 

If the project requires any additional known documentation, such as a Certificate of Clearance and laboratory analysis, we will provide this to the client.

Contact Specialized Hazmat Service for free Hazmat consultations

Specialized Hazmat Services offers cost-free Hazmat appointment and estimates to all Australian companies calling for Hazmat remedies.

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